Diaries Series: Jeffrey Sweeney

By Jeffrey Sweeney What is it about horror movies that keeps us engaged, that keeps us coming back for more and more? As a director it’s something I frequently think about; what is it about this genre of film that by its very nature aspires to make us feel fear, the feeling many of us […]

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Diaries Series: Rana Liu

By Rana Liu I am a second year Master of Arts Management student from Montreal, Canada, where I did my undergraduate studies at McGill University double majoring in Political Science and English: Drama and Theatre. For The Final Trope exhibition, I have the immense honor to be the Project Director working alongside a passionate and […]

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Review: “Scream”

By Grace Hilliard The film that I remember first seeing that began my love for horror was the movie “Scream” (1996). “Scream” begins with a prank phone call received by Casey Becker (Drew Barrymore), a young blonde who is at first annoyed, then interested, then frightened. She’s alone in a large house out in the […]

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Diaries Series: Peter Jang

By Peter Jang Compared to a pop-up exhibition that me and my crew curates bimonthly, the projects that the course deals have significant differences in many different aspects. The most prominent difference was production. While my crew has to prepare production within couple hours, school projects have certain amount of time to set up on […]

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Diaries Series: Chandler Pepper

By Chandler Pepper Thus far this has been my first experience regarding production with an exhibit/exhibition within this setting. I’m apart of the events team and have thoroughly enjoyed curating the events for this gallery since it’s my strength. Gathering insight on what types of collaborations would work well with our theme, figuring out what […]

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